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Zi Xi Purple Clay Pot 160ml

Zi Xi Purple Clay Pot 160ml

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From the City of Yixing, in Jiangsu province, China. A city renowned for its fine pottery. we are happy to present this Zi Xi Tea pot. Tea Pots are made from different materials and come in different shapes and volumes. This wonderfully semi hand made Xi Zi Tea Pot with its certificate.

This pot's design is a tribute to the Beaty legend Zi Xi. Its beautifully rounded and with a short spout.  It's made using purple clay and a capacity of 160ml approx. Purple clay has a lot of Wonderful properties. It retains heat, enhances flavor and body of the tea. suitable for White, Oolong, Red, and Puerh and aged Tea. and is NOT suitable for scented/smoked or flavoredTea.

NOTE: Do not use soap to clean and it's not dishwasher friendly.  

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