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Classic Ti Guan Yin (Roasted)

Classic Ti Guan Yin (Roasted)

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Experience the legendary iron goddess of mercy - Classic Ti Guan Yin (Roasted). This highly coveted oolong tea boasts a wide range of cultivars and processing methods, making it one of the top teas in China. Beware of imitation teas on the market; after much time and effort, we have carefully selected a Ti Guan Yin that truly stands out among the rest. This variation of production has put Ti Guan Yin on the map, and its roasted style results in a medium-bodied tea with delightful nutty, smoky, and floral notes, as well as a satisfyingly long aftertaste. Trust us, this is a tea worth indulging in.


Chinese Tea Name: Ti Guan Yin
Season: Spring
Cultivar: Guan Yin
Origin: Anxi, fujian Province, China
Picking: a bud and 3 to 4 leaves 
Altitude: 500-800m Apx


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