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Ti Guan Yin Chinese Oolong

Ti Guan Yin Chinese Oolong

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Also Known as the iron goddess of mercy. A very sought after oolong tea. Its one of Chinas top teas that is produced from different cultivars and wide range of processing. with such demands there are many fake Ti Guan Yin in the market which made us take such a long time to select one to be worth being among the wonderful teas we offer at Bayan Artisan Tea. 

Our choose landed on A Ti Guan Yin that is loaded with small white flowers aromatics, notes of green grapes, and sweet grassy finish. This tea yields a wonderful clear cup with a green haze and exciting mouth feel with a medium body silky smooth long lasting finish

Chinese Tea Name: Ti Guan Yin
Season: Spring
Cultivar: Guan Yin
Origin: Anxi, fujian Province, China
Picking: a bud and 3 to 4 leaves 
Altitude: 500-800m Apx


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