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Rawaa Collection

Rawaa Collection

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We are proud to present to you Rawaa Collection.

Rawaa is noun thats derived from the Arabic verb Yarwi that refers to quenching ones thirst. 

Bayan Artisan Tea Rawaa collection is a set of 7 teas 1 herbal flower Ideal for cold brew and Iced tea applications. 

Each Collection includes the following teas and flowers

Jade Oolong from Taiwan (20 grams)

Golden Dragon Gaba Oolong from Taiwan (20 grams)

Honey Oolong From Taiwan (20 grams)

Nitta San Sencha Japanese Green tea (20 grams)

King of Pearls Chinese Jasmine Green Tea (20 grams)

Kericho Kenyan Red Tea (20 grams)

Honey Red Tea from Taiwanese (20 grams)

Organic Roselle from Egypt (20 grams)

and remember to use the QR code in the back of each pouch and follow your pouches color code to reach to your brewing table on the page

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