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Honey Oolong

Honey Oolong

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Also known as Guifei, Honey Oolong is a relatively new tea with an inspiring story, Its known that

Honey oolong only have came mainstream in 1999 just right after that destructive earthquake that hit Taiwan in September of that year. Many of the tea farmers among other businesses have been impacted negatively. some high mountain tea farmers and producers have visited Hsinchu county and studied how Oriental beauty oolong was farmed and produced. Shortly after that, High mountain oolong producers started to craft their teas in a method that somehow resembles a Oriental beauty - Dong ding hybrid tea process that created this delicious honey sweet floral, with a hint of brown sugar Oolong Tea

major differences here that Honey Oolong is mid oxidized and ball  rolled and roasted compared to its ancestor the Oriental beauty which is almost fully oxidized and needle shaped non roasted tea. 


Cultivar: Chin hsin Da Pa

Origin: Alishan, Taiwan

altitude: 800-1200 MASL

Picking: A bud and up to 4 leaves

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