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Bayan Collection 14 Teas

Bayan Collection 14 Teas

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14 fine teas and Herb thoughtfully selected and proud to be named Bayan Collection.

Each pouch contains 20 grams

  1. Sterling Silver needle Chinese White Tea
  2. White Peony Chinese White Tea
  3. 24k Gold Chinese Red tea
  4. Honey Red Tea Taiwanese Red Tea
  5. Kericho Red Kenyan Tea
  6. Dragonwell Chinese Green Tea
  7. Bi Luo Chun Chinese Green Tea
  8. Nitta San Hojicha  Japanese Green Tea Powder
  9. Golden Dragon  Taiwanese Gaba Oolong
  10. Red Dragon Taiwanese Gaba Oolong
  11. Imperial Dragon Taiwanese Gaba Oolong
  12. Honey Taiwanese Oolong
  13. Bird Nest Chinese Shu Puerh
  14. Croatian Chamomile- Herb
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