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Master Zheng Shu Puerh Loose

Master Zheng Shu Puerh Loose

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Master Zheng is a wonderful and experienced Tea Farmer and producer located in the historic Menghai Mountains that are notoriously known for producing fine Puerh Teas.

What we adore about this tea is that Master Zheng have a relatively small family operation that do not exceed 50 people including himself. focused on producing quality enjoyable tea.

This wonderful tea is from a 2016 harvest crop and come from large old trees at an gong-ting category (small leaf). 

its a wonderful Shu Puerh that is complex in taste (minerally, leathery, woody, velvety smooth finish) 

Name: Master Zheng Shu Puerh loose
Season: spring, fall, winter
Cultivar: Da ye Zhong
Origin: Menghai, Yunnan, China
Altitude:1000m APX
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